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The Neuropsychology & Counseling Center

7557 Rambler Rd., Suite 700

Dallas, Tx  75231

Phone: 214-597-3641

E-mail: Dr.Marquez@neurostatus.org


Evaluation, Consultation, Treatment

The Neuropsychology & Counseling Center is a private organization providing quality evaluations and customized  treatment to adults with varied challenges. Our mission is to provide specialized services in a respectful manner that preserves dignity and enhances quality of life to individuals of all walks of life. 


The Neuropsychology & Counseling Center understands that you want to start your journey to well-being sooner than later, therefore, we pride ourselves in providing assessment services in a timely fashion, as most of our evaluations can be conducted within one week of a request/referral, and results made available within 10 days. 


Whether a referring physician, potential client, or a loved one of someone who needs help, feel free to contact us to determine if The Neuropsychological & Counseling Center can help.



Information provided on this site is meant to complement and not replace any advice from a healthcare professional.  If you or a family member are concerned about emotional or cognitive difficulties, please seek professional advice.